Welcome to the Town of Masonville, Delaware County,N.Y.



Masonville Township is one of the 19 Towns which make up the large upstate New York County of Delaware with a population of a little over 1000 very nice people. While the Town of Masonville is largely rural in nature it has the advantage of being central to several larger municipalities.

Masonville is located on two major State Highways; State Route 8 and State Route 206 both of which connect to two major Interstate Highways;  Interstate 88 and the newly established Interstate 86 while at the same time is easy traveling to Interstate 81.

Because Masonville is central to the Triple Cities, Oneonta and Norwich it is an ideal spot to locate ones residence. Many of our residents travel to one of these locations to work , shop or attend cultural activities or church. Our low tax base makes it the ideal spot to raise a family, retire too or locate a business.

We are surrounded by forested land, much of it State land making it a Mecca for the sports minded while at the same time being not far from skiing, tubing, hiking, fishing or just lazing. Located on the edge of the Township is a very popular State Park.

Because the taxes here are relatively low does not mean we do not have services needed for a full life. We are part of the Delaware County Enhanced 9-1-1 system which dispatches Police, Sheriff, Fire and Medical. Masonville has a well trained Volunteer Fire Department using modern and well maintained equipment. We have a well trained EMS crew with the most modern ambulance ready to respond to any emergency. Masonville is just a short trip to a hospital in Sidney, Binghamton, Oneonta, Norwich.

While most of the Town Roads are rural in nature we have a very capable road crew who maintains these roads winter and summer.

Within the Township you will find the Hamlet of Masonville located at the intersection of New York State Route 8 and New York State Route 206. Within the Hamlet there are facilities for fuel, a unique General Store and Café. You will find a fine library branch of the Sidney Library which is part of the Four County System.

Nearby we have several bustling villages that offer services and even employment of many types. To the East of us there is Walton where the Delaware County Fair is held each August while to the West of us is Bainbridge where the General Clinton Canoe Regatta is held each year.  To the North you will find the Village of Sidney a busy village with some industry located there.

The residents of Masonville and the Town Board welcome you to our Town. Stop and look us over.

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